At Coffee Bar Solution our aim is to please our customers in return their clients or guests who will remember the moment they drank our delicious coffee. This is why we tend to serve the following sectors:

tradeshowTRADE SHOWS 

The above list is not exhaustive as our limitation is endless as our mobile coffee bar can be adjusted and customised to fit any location.

Our services are geared towards customization and bespoke the whole experience for our customers from branding to labelling of coffee menus. Everything we do is in favour of our customer from the initial contact you make right down to packing down the stand. We make sure the whole process is seamless and effortless for our customers.

Our mobile coffee bar rental packages come with no hidden charges, no surprises and most importantly does not cost allot compared to return on investment ratio. The bars can be hired as fully operational/ function bars with baristas or just the espresso machines. It’s totally up to you to choose what you require and don’t!

Trade Shows platforms are a good source to attract customers and clients to your stand. It draws the customers just by smell of coffee and gives the sales person opportunity to speak to prospective client. Our team will make sure all clients are served appropriately and attentively with a genuine smile. The coffee bar will make a huge difference to your stand.

Weddings are another great way of entertaining your guests which will be a once in a life time opportunity to show and bespoke all your beverages to your taste. All ceramic cups can be customised with a wedding message and this can act as a memorabilia or have disposal cups with customised sleeves, napkins with messages, etc literally you can use your imagination endlessly.

Functions/ parties are targeted towards offices, meetings, private parties, etc Our service will be ideal way of showing professionalism, uniqueness, brand awareness and most importantly associate great coffee with your service.

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